New to me and lots of fun

March 22, 2008

Ok, so you probably have already heard of the sixtyone but I hadn’t. At least not until I checked out my best friends blog, Chase is Half the Fun, and signed up.  Now I have my own profile and have been bumping artists: some in more than one way ;). Oh wait… that was a dream I had last night. But that’s another story altogether. Well anyway, make sure you check out this site.  Great new music!  Great Fun! All wrapped in a sort of competitive box!

You can listen to my radio. Who knows, you might even like it. Or never listen to me again. Either way, here it is: Dale’s Radio

Just a link in case you haven’t seen it

March 14, 2008

For anyone who hasn’t taken the time to watch this tip from Torley Linden, and wants to wear those ever-important attachments, I highly recommend taking 1/2 hour out of your day and watching this.

Ok, so if you download it or put it on your Ipod, you can probably watch it in 10 minutes but it’s well worth it. The refresher is good for you veterans if you’re like me and forget how to do what you were an expert at yesterday. For noobs, its a requirement.  There is nothing more sad than someone walking around with their feet sticking out of their prim shoes or wearing prim hair on top of other hair.

That reminds me I have to do a post and introduce my newest hat product that are still in development.  Hats that you can wear with prim hair! And I don’t mean that you have to make them so big to cover the hair that others believe you to be certified member of the Dumb Donald fan club. But that will be another post. Hopefully soon.

Guy’s Night @ 200m

March 10, 2008

People always complain that there are not enough men that frequent our club (or SL in general for that matter) but tonight was an exception.  At one time there were actually only men sitting around chatting at the club. We broke out the cigars and stunk the place up (the cigars weren’t the real problem, haha).   Although it is strange for SL and particularly our club of mostly women, it was a lot of fun…for a while. It didn’t take long for us to start longing for the gentle curves of women. Thankfully, some arived. An old friend, Monique, and a new one, Botgirl, arrived and made the place that much brighter and caused us to sit up straight, so to speak.

Some day we will find our balance, have the boys and girls show up at the club together and have an amazing time.

 Hopefully, soon.  In the mean time, we should all just enjoy ourselves and have fun however we can. 😉

Lucky Guy

March 8, 2008


Yes, I am one of the luckiest guys in SL and here is why.  These are two of my favorite people, Chase and Missy, and I get to see them at my favorite place.  By the way, the one on the right, Chase, built the 200m that exists today. Isn’t she amazing?

So much to learn!

March 7, 2008

I have so much to learn about blogging.  It appears that I spent time uploading images and writing posts only to loose it all when I hit the back button.  Oh, well.

Since I did get it to keep my banner up top and it now includes the 200m High Club logo, I’ll just tell you about that.  Chase, who is the most special person in SL, designed it when she built the prior version of the club.  I’m very glad that she kept when she built the new club because it even fits better with this build.  If your reading this, you really should come on Second Life and drop by 200m.  I promise that it will be fun (if we’re there).

 See you there.

March 7, 2008

Spent a little time at 200m today but had a lot to deal with in RL.  Some of my favorite people were there. I’ll have to work on getting photos of them and post them around.  If you’re actually reading this, I guess you must be interested.  Who knows? Maybe even you’ll look me up in world and we’ll become friends.  Most likely though you’ll be more interested in my friends than in me.  But I’m ok with that…in fact, I enjoy that greatly. 

Enjoy yourself.  Life is too short not to…Second or First, you choose.

In the beginning…

March 6, 2008

Although I often have lots to say and when I started this whole process that was the case, at the moment I’m at a loss. So let’s get to something about why this whole thing is here.  Second life is one of my favorite places to hang out, especially the 200m High Club. The people that frequent the club make the place very interesting and entertaining.  It may seem strange to those who don’t know SL, but the people that come to 200m are truly friends.  If I can keep up with the blog thing, you will probably get to know them through my posts.

Until then, take care and enjoy yourself.